Brand Strategy for a Brand New Brand

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

Stripping away the overwhelm

One of the core brand strategy sessions I do for businesses is centred around stripping away the overwhelm. You know that horrible sinking feeling when people are saying “you should do this”, “why haven’t you done that”, “contact such and such, I used them and they were good for my business”.

I know that feeling all too well. Overwhelm. And its horrible. Sometimes, however well meant the comments, its just too much. Your business is as unique as you are and so what works for someone else might not work for you. Its so stressful and mind consuming.

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

And then there’s social media…

Oh my goodness! How many times to post. When to post. Is it really a must have? What’s the algorithm doing this week? Its insane isn’t it! And yet social media is just that. Its just one type of media. There are many others.

The business strategy and brand strategy I work with my clients on is media neutral. I don’t have anything to sell in the media arena. I am not affiliated to any particular media outlet or company. This means that I can take a really pared back view on things and strip back to the bare bones of your business. We go right back and work out what’s the real next step for you. What is going to benefit you and your business next. Not what’s going to benefit a big media company or someone selling niche products unless its right for you.

Here’s a daring thought… social media might not actually be right for your business!

A new brand and a new venture

Recently I was asked to run a bespoke business session for a new brand and a new venture as part of a wider group of companies.

Working with the newly formed Meliora team we worked together to plan out their marketing for their first year of business. We also reviewed and worked out how to build their new brand into a brand to be reckoned with.

“We always look forward to working with Nikki, whether it’s a photo shoot or brand training session, she is one of our biggest cheerleaders.
Nikki took us by the hand and step-by-step supported us on how to help our new brand shine.
Nikki is an expert in her field and her passion really comes across in the sessions, you’ll be surprised how much you can achieve together.”

Meliora pride themselves on being a family run business. They have a strong female team in the office who are the first points of contact with clients and partners. Being an all female office team is something we all feel is a powerful asset to their brand.

But as with all things I can tell you all of this, but its the Client words that hold the most weight. Those that have had their own strategy session with me and are excited to share their feedback with you.

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

Here in their own words is the feedback from the team…

Q: What was the business need that pushed you to seek out a professional business planning session?

A: “Not only have we started a new ‘sister’ company, but we have also expanded our team.

As marketing tools are being developed continuously and trends change often, we want to remain current.

Whilst we have a fantastic website, new logo, and over 20 years’ experience, we want to build a brand for our clients and partners.”

Q: Why did you choose Carlé & Moss / Nikki to help you with your business/marketing/brand planning?

A: “We have recently introduced our new ‘sister’ company called Meliora, whilst we have many years’ experience in marketing as a renovation company for the hospitality sector, we wanted to take advantage of Nikki’s excellent marking skills in our new sector.

We have previously worked with Nikki on a number of projects, each time not only do we enjoy her warming presence, but we acknowledge her professional skills, which is why we knew there would be no one better to help us with our marketing session.”

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

 Q: What was your favourite part of the business/marketing/brand planning session?

A: “The action plan of how we can implement each marketing area, a time-line for this plan, so we do not feel overwhelmed.

Nikki used a flipchart which added a lovely visual aspect, and we now have all the flipchart notes on the wall in our office to recap our memory and tasks daily.”

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

Q: What were the key outputs required for this business/marketing/brand planning session and how did the processes used help you to pin point these?

A: “Our key outputs were building a brand, what does this brand stand for and how it is demonstrated in real life.

Nikki explained in detail what a brand is, that it’s an emotion rather than a physical object.

We also talked about a healthy work balance, being transparent with clients and partners and what is acceptable.”

Brand Strategist Nikki Kirk

Q: What advice would you give anyone considering booking their own business/marketing/brand planning session?

A: “Go for it!!

Even if you have a successful marketing plan in place, Nikki’s knowledge is extraordinary, she will have you thinking outside the box on particular areas and where is best to spend your time wisely.

Nikki is very interactive and the use of a flipchart means that we now have the pages from the flip chart on the walls in our office, not only remind us of what a fabulous session we had, but to keep us accountable on the tasks we have set as a team.

We have already recommended Nikki to another construction company, not only for her marketing skills but also for her fantastic photography.”

Please get in touch to chat through your business strategy, brand strategy, and marketing needs.

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