Silence Is Not An Option

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Facing Challenges

I saw a post recently talking about the importance of all professionals developing greater LGBTQ Awareness. This combined with the much-needed awareness of the challenges faced by friends, family, and friends I have yet to meet in the BAME community has really made me step back, pause, and look more deeply into our world and how we treat each other (as human beings we have a lot of work to do). And importantly how I can be an advocate for making our world a better place.

For example I struggle a little with the acronym BAME after taking the time to read about it and what it stands for in more detail. Does this create even further marginalisation? Is a category a good thing or a bad thing? Should we get rid of ethnicity categories all together? I don’t know the answers and I have so many questions.

And I don’t for one-minute think that I have all the answers and there will always be learnings I will continue to take and apply. Being open to new thoughts and ideas, solutions and understanding is key. We have a real opportunity to change the future by working together and supporting each other.

Always Learning

Life is a learning curve and we should never stop learning.

I believe in having challenging and at times uncomfortable and difficult conversations, working through courses, podcasts, and books. Gently letting people know where there are errors so that they have the opportunity to correct them. And just as importantly helping them to recognise why they perhaps need to educate themselves further. This will all help towards a better world and a more understanding and compassionate future for us all.

I believe that as human beings in our communities, families, and working environments we need to be holding each other to account.

We need to recognise and face up to prejudices. Understand the impact that these have on others. Support those who are affected by such prejudiced actions, inappropriate behaviours directed toward them, and biases. Yes it might be uncomfortable to address these but imagine how uncomfortable it is to live through it.


As a white female born in the UK, I am learning to recognise the privileges that come with being born into the environment I am in. I am listening and I am learning. I am empathetic and I always try my very best to treat others with respect and kindness. Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself and think of others before yourself has been drummed into me by my Parents since I was small.

Conversations need to be started even when they are uncomfortable. Discussions need to be had even if they are challenging. Yet talking is only the starting line and action needs to happen on an everyday level to move us all forward to create a world with equality.

Personal Commitments

For me; silence is not an option. And therefore my personal commitments are these:

Whatever you take away from this post please know that the burden of fighting against injustice cannot be shouldered solely by the community it is aimed at.

If you come across someone who is saying/sharing inappropriate comments either through lack of education or through misplaced bias or prejudice, take the time to gently explain. Give them the opportunity to correct their mistakes without the burden of social media getting involved. But remind them that the clock is ticking.


It is the responsibility of everybody to fight and drive out these injustices.

Therefore I say to you: “Intolerance and injustice? Not on my watch.”

Commercial Business and Lifestyle Photographer

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